Every clean
hand deserves
a clean phone.

Engage your audience while they sanitize their phones and hands. A brilliant Out-Of-Home experience only available with the Glissner CleanPhone™ Elite.

Break the
chain of infection
with CleanPhone™

Everything your hands touch ends up on your phone. Glissner's patented CleanPhone™ uses UV-C light to sanitize the full 360° surface of any phone in just 10 seconds. CleanPhone™ is clinically proven to eliminate 99.9%+ of viruses and bacteria, and is safe for all phones and phone cases.
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Powerful UV light
sanitation in 10 seconds

The ultimate
indoor billboard


We're re-defining

Backed by
clinically proven

Glissner's UV-C sanitation technology is grounded in science, bioburden tested and clinically proven. Our CleanPhones™ are 100% touchless and ensure zero cross-contamination.

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At Glissner, your safety is our top priority. The CleanPhone™ Elite features an anti-sway design for stability, and our CleanPhones™ don't use any harmful chemicals to sanitize your phone. We never collect any personal data.

Set. Engage.

The Glissner CleanPhone™ Elite features a 50" 4K Samsung commercial display powered by an Intel Nuc PC, working seamlessly with our patented CleanPhone™. Together they provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to create powerful 1:many and 1:1 experiences with an astounding 60s average dwell time.

Let's work together
to reduce waste.

We developed the CleanPhone™ to help combat waste. It’s a fast, effective, and convenient way to sanitize your phone without the need for chemical wipes.

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Fastest in
the world.

With a 10-second sanitation cycle, CleanPhone™ has the shortest use time of any clinically-validated phone sanitizer in the world.


Phones sanitized


Impressions across
our network


Users engaged with
CleanPhone™ Elite

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