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How Does a Cell Phone Sanitizer Work?

How Does a Cell Phone Sanitizer Work?

It has been suggested that cell phones hold around 10 times more germs than toilet seats. That is a lot of germs! Cell phone hygiene is something that most people don’t ever think about,  but it is very important. So how can you keep your cell phone clean and sanitized

Because we use our cell phones so much throughout a typical day, we spread a lot of germs. Think about it, we use our cell phones in situations and places where we would normally wash our hands before doing anything. However, our cell phones stay with us and are being touched constantly.

It is for this reason that cell phone sanitizers are so helpful and important. What is a cell phone sanitizer and how does it work? This article will answer these questions and give you an idea of why your home or business might need one. 

What is a cell phone sanitizer? 

There are different ways of sanitizing a cell phone, but one of the easiest and most effective ways is by using a UV-C light sanitizer. This is a simple, yet effective way to remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from your phone’s surface. 

This type of sanitizer works with ultraviolet-C rays, which is a form of rapidly moving radiation that contains sanitizing properties. Essentially, a cell phone sanitizer neutralizes the bacteria so that it can’t reproduce, keeping it from sticking around on your phone’s surface. 

How does a cell phone sanitizer work?

The UV-C rays are able to neutralize certain pathogens and several viruses, including influenza, the common cold, and ever more serious illnesses such as SARS, giving your phone a clean surface. UV-C sanitizers stop bacterial reproduction, which renders them useless (at least when it comes to harming your health).

During the time of a pandemic, having a clean cell phone is very important. Because they tend to carry so many germs, sanitizing your cell phone might just have some efficacy in fighting against COVID-19. Because so many viruses and bacteria are killed and stopped from reproducing by using a cell phone sanitizer, it is hopeful that those who use it will remain healthier because of it.

So how does it work? Well, you simply pop your cell phone into one of the toaster-like slots, sanitize your hands, and wait 20 seconds for your phone to be sanitized. It’s as simple as that! You don’t even have to press any buttons. It is all touchless, creating a much cleaner environment. 

Glissner CleanPhone quickly and effectively sanitizes your phone, creating peace of mind during the times of a global pandemic. With a virus that has affected hundreds of thousands of people, safety is extremely important right now. And with safety comes cell phone sanitization, because the germs that are on your cell phone are taken with you everywhere, meaning they spread fast.

Take care of yourself and others by sanitizing your cell phone. You can stop the spread of a lot of germs that way and the CleanPhone is so easy to use, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t been doing this all along.



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