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UV Light Phone Sanitizers: Do They Really Work?

UV Light Phone Sanitizers: Do They Really Work?

Throughout the day, you touch an incredible amount of objects, and perhaps no object more often than your cell phone. In fact, a recent study found that the average person touches his or her cell phone an astounding 2617 times a day. This makes our phones a breeding ground for pathogens- in fact, the surface of the average cell phone is home to ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. 

Even for the maximally germophobic among us, washing your hands every time you touch your phone is just not feasible.  On average, a given person will touch his or her face over 23 times every hour, transferring viruses and bacteria from the phone’s surface directly to the body’s most vulnerable points.

The science is clear: phone hygiene is an absolute necessity for both personal and public health. With a UV-C phone sanitizer, you can stay on the cutting edge of phone hygiene to protect yourself and your community.

UV Light Phone Sanitizers

Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, phone hygiene is more important than ever. And yet, many people never take the time to stop and properly disinfect their cell phones, allowing for the accumulation and spread of viruses and bacteria. If we’re going to create a healthier world, we need to get serious about phone hygiene. That’s where UV-C phone sanitizers can help. 

A UV light phone sanitizer works through the use of ultraviolet-c light, a form of rapidly moving radiation with germicidal and sanitizing properties. Moving at speeds ranging from 180nm to 280nm, UV-C light neutralizes hazardous pathogens, ensuring your phone is safe to touch.

CleanPhone’s revolutionary sanitizing bulb uses a UV-C wavelength of 275, a powerful frequency which can disturb protein bonds within viruses, rendering them unable to reproduce and infect other hosts. This virus-deactivating power makes this wavelength ideal for killing superbugs and sanitizing the surfaces we touch daily.  

What They Do

UV-C light phone sanitizers serve one important purpose: to sanitize the surface of your handheld devices. UV-C phone sanitizers essential deactivate potential infections by halting bacterial reproduction, rendering these germs incapable of damaging your health. At the right wavelength, UV-C light has been proven to neutralize a vast array of illnesses, from the common cold and influenza to more serious superbugs like SARS. Furthermore, scientists are hopeful that UV-C light will prove to have the same efficacy against COVID-19.  

This disease-fighting power is why hospitals and care facilities around the world rely on UV-C light to sanitize vital surfaces. With a UV-C phone sanitizer, you can bring this leading disinfectant technology into your own home.

What You Need to Know

UV-C radiation, like all forms of radiation, poses a potential health-risk. Luckily, today’s UV-C phone sanitization technology innovators have found a way to use this powerful technology with total safety. The Cleanphone UV-C phone sanitizer comes equipped with an industry-leading safety feature, an automatic lid which seals the phone in the chamber while protecting users from radiation.

As you shop for a UVC phone sanitization device, be careful. Most options on the market do not offer this same protection against radiation and have been proven to be unsafe. With the CleanPhone, however, you can guarantee that you are sanitizing your phone safely. 

It is vital that we all work together to defend public health, so do your part to slow the spread of disease. Investing in a UV-C phone sanitizer will not just protect you, but those around you, from hazardous illnesses.


Cleaning Your Phone Safely and Avoiding Mercury Contamination

Cleaning Your Phone Safely and Avoiding Mercury Contamination

Our cell phones are the homes of silent invaders- tiny, microscopic pathogens that can spread illness with the swipe of a finger. The current COVID-19 pandemic has made phone hygiene more important than ever before, and as we all adjust to the new normal, businesses, schools, hospitals, and individual consumers alike are in need of innovative phone sanitization solutions. 

UV-C phone sanitizers effectively deactivate bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of our cell phones, providing an innovative and much-needed public health solution. However, the sudden popularity of these devices has led many people to wonder- “But are they safe?”

That’s why our team of experts at Glissner is here to set the record straight about UV-C phone sanitizers, their potential health risks, and how to use them safely. Some UV-C phone sanitization options on the market are safer than others, so it’s important to know what to look for. If you’re shopping for a UV-C phone sanitizer, here are some things you need to consider:

Be Cautious of Mercury Bulbs

For the protection of both public health and the environment, the EPA advises against the use of lightbulbs that contain high levels of mercury. Mercury is a toxin that, at high enough levels of exposure, can cause neurological damage, cardiovascular damage, and other health problems, especially for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Unfortunately, many traditional UV-C sanitizers on the market today rely on mercury bulbs. This means that if the bulbs in these devices break or are damaged, toxic levels of mercury could be released, putting the safety of users in jeopardy. But these hazards can be easily avoided- when choosing an LED phone sanitizer, make sure to only consider devices that use mercury-free LED bulbs, like the CleanPhone. These state-of-the art bulbs produce powerfully germicidal wavelengths of light with no potential exposure to toxic chemicals

Protect Yourself From UV-C Radiation

Like all forms of UV radiation, UV-C rays can pose a risk to skin cells, potentially causing cancers or other damage. However, with proper precautions, UV-C phone sanitization devices can still be used safely.

For instance, take the CleanPhone- this device prioritizes all dynamics of user safety by including an automatic lid that ensures users’ skin never comes into direct contact with UV-C rays. That way, the user receives all the disinfecting benefits of UV-C light with none of the potential health risks. To keep yourself and others protected, make sure to look for a phone sanitizer that is mindfully designed for UV-C safety.

Consider Cleans-Per-Hour

One important factor to keep in mind when looking for the safest UV-C phone sanitizer for your needs is efficiency. Some options, especially those at a lower price-point, can only perform about 12 cleans per-hour. For individual users, this might be sufficient. However, for businesses, schools, large families, and other consumers with high-volume sanitization needs, more cleans per-hour will absolutely be necessary. Options like the CleanPhone provide up to 120 cleans per-hour, maximizing efficiency for high-volume sanitization needs. 

The Value of Safety

These days, consumers can get a UV-C phone sanitizer at a vast spectrum of price points: from around $150 all the way to over $7,000. Of course, not all these options are made equally. No matter your budget, you can’t put a price tag on safety, so make sure that any UV-C sanitizer you consider comes equipped with protection from mercury and UV-C exposure.

At Glissner, we believe that high-quality, safe, and efficient UV-C phone sanitizers should be accessible; we are on a mission to get this powerful disease-fighting technology into as many homes and businesses as possible, and that’s why we offer one of the most competitive price points on the market.

If you need an affordable and 100% safe phone sanitization solution, then look no further than Glissner’s line of expertly designed products. The key to a safer world is already in the palm of your hand; do your part to promote public health with us.

The Glissner CleanPhone Revolutionizes Phone Hygiene

cleanphone phone hygiene setup

While the top minds of science and industry work hard to formulate strategies for defence against the COVID-19 pandemic, the average person is left wondering: but what can I do? 

As it turns out, one of the most efficient ways to live a cleaner life is likely already in the palm of your hand. Our cell phones collect the cumulative germs from every single surface we touch daily, creating a fertile breeding ground for viruses like Covid-19. In fact, our cell phones have been proven to often be ten times dirtier than our toilet seats. If we’re going to overcome this pandemic together, it’s clear that we need new cell phone hygiene solutions. 

Enter the Glissner CleanPhone, an unprecedented product for unprecedented times. This compact, easy-to-use, revolutionary phone sanitization system utilizes UV-C tech to disinfect your phone in just 20 seconds. At Glissner, we’re democratizing advanced cleanness and safety for consumers around the world by providing touchless sanitization to countless businesses and homes. 

Revolutionizing Clean

The Glissner CleanPhone device is the best UV phone sanitizer on the market. Traditional chemical cleaners can damage phone touchscreens and make it difficult to ensure that all parts of the phone are sanitized. The CleanPhone takes care of this issue with state-of-the-art UV-C tech, harnessing a special wavelength of LED light that is scientifically proven to provide complete sanitization, annihilating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from 360 degrees.

Revolutionizing Speed

If we’re going to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, then we need rapid cleaning solutions. The CleanPhone provides these solutions. Most other phone sanitization systems take 10 minutes or more to clean a phone. For the fast-paced routine of today’s businesses and individuals, this is just not quick enough. In comparison, the CleanPhone takes just 20 seconds, making it easy to incorporate into any individual or team sanitization routine.

Revolutionizing User Experience

Intense sanitization processes were once reserved for hospitals or workers in industries like food-services. These days, however, advanced sanitization has become part of most peoples’ daily routine, both at home and in public. So, the Glissner CleanPhone is doing what good tech always does-  revamping the routine with a fun and simple user interface.

The CleanPhone offers a totally clean and touchless phone sanitization user experience. Customers simply place their phone inside and wait for the system to do its magic. While they wait, they watch the 20 seconds count-down on a screen display, adding engaging interactivity to an everyday routine. 

Revolutionizing Habit

The CDC currently recommends that we all sanitize our cell-phones at least once a day, and science has proven that pandemic-defensive strategies like social distancing and good sanitization practices work best when everybody gets on board. That’s why Glissner wants to get the CleanPhone into as many homes and businesses as possible, with an easily mountable and user-friendly design that prioritizes flexible convenience.

Anyone can install and maintain the CleanPhone. Anyone can use it. Anyone can contribute to making the world a little safer.

We at Glissner believe that smarter technology will create smarter habits. And when we have smarter habits, we begin to reimagine a brighter future, together.