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Instill confidence by providing customers & employees with an effortless way to instantly sanitize their mobile phones. Just pop your phone in through the top cover, and wait 20 seconds for your phone to come out entirely sanitized. The CleanPhone™ comes fully operational with 96 UV-C Bulbs.

CleanPhone™ is patent pending.


Mounting Options

Table Top

These stylish, custom-built leg mounts attach securely to the CleanPhone™ in a snap and allow you to place the CleanPhone™ on any table or other solid surface.

Floor Stand

This secure stand attaches firmly to the CleanPhone™, and allows you to conveniently locate the CleanPhone™ anywhere.

Wall Mount

This specialized wall mount attaches the CleanPhone™ securely to any wall.


  • Efficient and rapid sterilization - in 20 seconds it kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • Fits most phones, including the iPhone 11 (with case) and all older models, iPhone 11 Pro (with case), and Samsung S20 (with case) + all older Samsung and Pixel phone models.
  • Safer than wipes - no harmful chemicals or liquids.

We have contracted private labs around the world to test the CleanPhone™ device under numerous conditions. The results listed below were from the most recent battery of European lab tests performed in 2020.


Testing Results:

Results below showcase the kill rate of bacteria and viruses after one 20 second cycle in the CleanPhone™.

 Name Kill Rate Sanitation Cycles (20s)
Influenza (H1N1)
Rhinovirus 99.99%
E. coli
Salmonella 99.99%
Staph Aureus

* Based on data from third-party labs.
** Viruses and bacteria require direct access to UV light in order to be destroyed. The CleanPhone has been specially designed to remove "shade spots".


Box Contents

1x Glissner CleanPhone™ Phone Sanitizer
1x Charging cable
1x Quick start manual
1x OPTIONAL mounts (sold separately)



Model Number: CPUV01
Power Line: 100-240 AC
Disinfection power: 60 mj/cm2
Ultraviolet wavelength: 275-280nm
Operating temperature range: 0 to 80 °C
Device dimensions (LxHxW):  260m x 295mm x 150mm
Internal cavity dimensions (LxHxW): 200mm x 106mm x 23mm
Product weight: 3.27 kg


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