Touchless, Effective Phone Sanitation with UV-C Light

Glissner™ devices kill 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria on your phone in 20 seconds without the use of any chemicals.

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Introducing CleanPhone

Instill confidence by providing customers & employees an effortless way to sanitize their phones.

  • Touchless & Worry-free

    CleanPhone™ is completely automated. It has no buttons or lids that need to be pressed.

  • Effective & Fast

    The CleanPhone™ UV light kills 99.99% of phone bacteria and viruses in just 20 seconds.

  • Safer Than Wipes

    Our ISO 4892-1 compliant device never uses any chemicals in its sanitation process, and is safer for your phone than disinfectant wipes.

  • High Capacity

    CleanPhone™ can process 120 sanitizations per hour.

Why Sanitize Our Phones?

Did you know that your phone has up to 18x more bacteria than a public restroom? In fact, our phones carry more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies each, according to a 2017 study. Our phones are one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day.

We take our phone out while eating, on the train, shopping and even in the bathroom. While in use, our phones either touch or come within inches from our face where germs spread most easily. With phones being such an integral part of our lives, the CDC now recommends that we clean and disinfect  these "frequently touched surfaces" daily. Without realizing it, our phones have become a prominent vector for disease. Phone sanitation has never been a higher priority.

Keep Your People Safe

Create trust and confidence with your customers and employees. Glissner™ products keep people from transmitting viruses and bacteria between their phones, hands, face, and other surfaces. Virus and bacteria-killing light emitted from the UV-C bulbs is contained inside each device, meaning that it is safe to put anywhere. Glissner™ products fit perfectly next to sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers, and instill a sense of security.

Laboratory Tested

Glissner™ products are laboratory tested against ASTM E1153, the same standard used by chemical disinfectant wipes. This is an EPA recognized efficacy standard.  More information is available in our frequently asked questions section.

Testing Performed in a 3rd party European Laboratory with verifiable outcomes. All units are delivered with lab results as part of the Operating Instructions Manual.

How it Works

CleanPhone™'s touchless, antimicrobial devices ensures no cross contamination between users.
Insert Device

Place your phone in the top entry slot, and watch it descend into the sanitation chamber. Clean your hands.

Wait 20 Seconds

Inside, several specialized UV-C lights destroy 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on your phone. 

Remove With Clean Hands

Voilà, your phone will resurface in 20 seconds for you to remove with your clean hands.


Hear from clients with Glissner™ products in their venues.

A no-brainer when it comes to keeping my family safe. We always wash our hands, so why grab a dirty phone right after?

Inna Z.
MSc. Microbiology

We ordered 15 of these for our warehouses to put next to our hand sanitizing stations and sinks. My staff deserve knowing that they’re being cared for.

Patrick G.
Distribution Manager

Finally, something that works for cleaning my phone that I don’t have to touch.

Veronica H.

Place Anywhere. Disinfect in a Flash.

Glissner™ products can be attached to a wall, secured to a stand, or be placed on any tabletop with optional accessories. They only need a standard wall outlet to work.

UV-C Kills Viruses and Bacteria

UV-C sanitation uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light, which destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart viral & bacterial DNA, preventing them from being able to function or reproduce.

Widely Adopted

UV-C sanitation technologies are already widely adopted in industries such as medical facilities, factories, waste water processing, food manufacturing, and more.

Device Safe

UV-C light doesn't corrode sensitive touch screens in the way hospital grade chemical wipes do. UV-C light can safely be used on a wide variety of devices with minimal risk of damage.

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