Every clean
hand deserves a CleanPhoneTM

Germs from everything we touch with our hands end up on our phones. When we wash our hands and grab our dirty phones, all of those germs end up back on our hands. Phones negate hand washing.

The CleanPhoneTM resolves this by breaking the chain of infection between your hands and your phone in only seconds.

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Break the
chain of infection
with CleanPhone

On average you touch your phone more than 50 times a day. Without both effective hand and phone sanitation, everything your hands touch ends up on your phone.

Glissner's patented CleanPhone™ harnesses the power of UV-C light to sanitize the full 360° surface of any phone - in just 10 seconds. CleanPhone™ is clinically proven to eliminate 99.9%+ of viruses and bacteria, and is safe for all phones and phone cases.
Meet CleanPhoneTM

Powerful UV light
sanitation in just 10 seconds

through safety


CleanPhoneTM is
re-defining viral

Let's work together
to reduce waste.

As many as 9.3 million disposable wipes are either being tossed out or flushed down our toilets every day. We developed the CleanPhone™ to help combat waste - it’s a fast, effective, and convenient way to sanitize your phone without the need for chemical wipes.

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Backed by
clinically proven

Glissner's UV-C sanitation technology is grounded in science, bioburden tested and clinically proven. Our CleanPhones™ are 100% touchless and ensure zero cross-contamination.

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Always safe.
Always secure.

At Glissner, your safety and security remain our top priority. The CleanPhone™ Elite features an anti-sway design for stability, and our CleanPhones™ don't use any harmful chemicals to sanitize your phone. We're also not in the business of collecting personal data - which means what's on your phone, stays on your phone.

Go beyond
the CleanPhoneTM.

Safety takes center stage with The Elite, which means all eyes are on you and your message. Don't believe us? We recently helped one of our clients go viral on social media, garnering over 150 million impressions and 10 million likes.

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Fastest in the world.

Speed is everything. With a 10-second sanitation cycle, CleanPhone has the shortest use time of any clinically-validated phone sanitizer in the world.

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