Millions of disposable wipes piled as high as the Eiffel Tower are going to landfills
every day.
As many as 9.3 million disposable wipes are either being tossed out or flushed down our toilets every day. They account for a staggering 93% of all sewer blockages.
Most disinfectant wipes are made up of synthetic fibers that prevent them from being compostable or recyclable. After a single use, they are thrown away and head straight to the landfill, or worse - they are flushed down the toilet and end up in our waterways.
We developed the CleanPhone™ to help combat waste. It’s a fast, effective, and convenient way to sanitize your phone without the need for chemical wipes.

We're working towards reducing waste,
one CleanPhoneTM at a time.

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