Best New Clean Technologies Exhibited at CES

Deep-cleaning technologies were taking centre-stage at this year’s CES, the world’s most anticipated technology conference.

Post Pandemic Cell Phone Hygiene | How to Safely Use Your Phone

There are no perfect words to express how much we all wish to return to our pre-pandemic societies. With the recent developments regarding the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, this wish seems more within reach.

High Traffic Areas, You Need UV-C Light

In light of COVID-19, we have all become more concerned with sanitization. High traffic areas such as schools, airports, hospitals, and businesses need to increase measures to slow the spread.

How to Sanitize Your Phone Sustainably

With the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, you may be wondering what you can do to slow the spread. The little steps you take can make all the difference when spreading germs. One of the most overlooked places that harbor harmful bacteria is our cell phones.

The Glissner CleanPhone Revolutionizes Phone Hygiene

We at Glissner believe that smarter technology will create smarter habits. And when we have smarter habits, we begin to reimagine a brighter future, together.

Hygiene and Hospitality

In these unusual times, the world of hospitality needs solutions. Thankfully, solutions are what Glissner does best. With our revolutionary phone-sanitization system, you can delight your customers with hope for a cleaner future.

Signalling your business’ safety commitment to your customers

While these protocols absolutely help to develop a sense of trust and confidence with guests, most restaurants will be doing the same things to adhere to government and public health mandated guidelines.

A brief history of hand sanitizer, and how it relates to device sanitization

Newer, UV-C light based technologies are being used to deliver doses of specific wavelengths to deactivate viruses and bacteria by breaking down their DNA.

The Team Building The World's Most Effective Mobile Phone Sanitation Device

Meet the founder and team behind the world's most effective mobile phone sanitation device.

Mobile Phone Sanitation; A Shift in Consciousness

According to one survey that cleaning firm Vital Vio conducted, 88% of respondents admitted to using their phones while they were in the bathroom [1]. It is something that just about everyone does. More disconcertingly, 23% of respondents to Vital Vio's survey said that they had never cleaned their phones before.