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In The Beginning

Serial health tech entrepreneur Ronen Benin founded Glissner™ in early 2020 with the mission of making sanitizing phones as quick and simple as sanitizing hands.

Ronen’s fiancee, Dr. Hannah Davis, serves on the front lines against COVID-19 as an emergency doctor. Ronen saw firsthand the difficult multi-step process of Hannah disinfecting her phone when she got home from the hospital.

A "Bright" Idea

Hannah first tried using disinfecting wipes but found after a few dozen uses that they were affecting the responsiveness and scrollability of her screen. Her fingerprints were also beginning to prominently show on the phone. Together, Ronen and Hannah looked into alternative sanitation methods, including UV light devices.

What they found on the market was underwhelming. Existing UV light sanitation devices all have buttons, lids, zippers or levers. To use them you have to touch them, which means wiping down the device, washing your hands, and the ever-present risk of recontaminating yourself or your phone when the sanitation process is complete. In addition, they required multiple steps to use, a long sanitization period, no validation of effectiveness, and sometimes compromised safety (escaping UV light because they have no containment lid).

Our Touchless Solution Was Born

Out of Hannah’s experience came the touchless CleanPhone™. It is effective, fast, sleek, and intuitive to use. It can handle up to 120 cleanings per hour, and can be installed anywhere you’d find a sink or hand sanitizer.