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1 : 1 engagement
with digital display

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Meet the CleanPhone™ Elite.

Combining all the best parts of digital out-of-home advertising.

60 Feet


The CleanPhone™ Elite billboard can be seen from up to 60 feet away. Approaching the CleanPhone™ Elite triggers screen content changes, encouraging phone sanitation.

3 Feet


Brands use this opportunity to show alignment with safety and good hygiene.

1 Foot


Brands have full control over on-screen content to begin, during, and after sanitation cycles.


Brands can leverage the on-screen experience to display QR codes. The CleanPhone™ Elite supports a variety of hardware additions.

Beyond the Kiosk

The CleanPhone™ Elite experience goes beyond in-person with astounding reach on social media. Check us out on TikTok where our client's kiosk experience has received more than 50M impressions and 4.5M "likes".

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