Deep-cleaning technologies were taking centre-stage at this year’s CES, the world’s most anticipated technology conference. As consumers demand evidence of enhanced hygiene practices in the face of the coronavirus crisis, global organizations are looking for the next advanced sanitation technology that will give them a competitive edge. The demand is sparking what some are calling the ‘clean-technology boom.’

Keep reading for the top clean innovations exhibited at this year’s CES.

Glissner’ CleanPhone phone sanitizer is pictured with a sleek, modern design.
Glissner’s Debuted the CleanPhone™, a UV-C device that sanitizes mobile phones within 20 seconds.

CES Shows a Growing Demand for Ultraviolet (UV) Devices

Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used in hospitals for decades, but now a growing number of premium hospitality businesses are interested in it to prevent the spread of infection while also attracting new customers. This also requires that the devices become more consumer-friendly.

“There’s a paradigm shift in how customers approach hygiene and the role businesses play in public health,” said Ronen Benin, CEO of Glissner. “We’re seeing that customers are expecting a hospital-grade level of cleanliness across all industries. Businesses that invest in advanced sanitation solutions now, are going to be best poised for recovery.”

The Best UV-C Disinfectant Solutions Exhibiting at CES

Glissner was able to explore some of the UV disinfecting technologies exhibited virtually at the CES 2021 conference. Here are some of our favorite UV-C technologies that joined us:

The Best UV-C Solution for Mobile Phones


Glissner debuted the CleanPhone™ technology at CES as the only UV-C solution designed specifically for mobile phones. The device sanitizes mobile devices within 20 seconds without damage to touchscreens caused by disinfectant wipes. It combines science and design to deliver  a premium offering that delights users, limits the spread of viruses, and enables healthier living.

Glissner’ CleanPhone phone sanitizer
CleanPhone™ can be used in airports, hotels or other public spaces.

UV-C Innovation for The Home

NS Nanotech, Personal Air Purifiers

NS Nanotech launched their ShortWaveLight Purifier in 2021 that claims to use UVC to deactivate coronavirus in your personal airspace. NS Nanotech boasts that the device is the price of a coffee mug.

NS Nanotech UVC technology featured at CES
NS Nanotech’s personal air purifier.

LG Electronics, Disinfecting Fridge Dispenser

LG refrigerators are known for their flashy features, but now the company is launching a new model that opens the door with voice command, and includes a water dispenser that uses UV light to sanitize your drink.

LG Electronics’ latest fridge model as featured at CES
LG’s latest fridge model that includes a UV light water dispenser.

UVC Innovation for Vehicles


This UV-C solution lives in your car and is used for key fobs, wallets, masks, and any other small objects. It’s compatible with most phones that support wireless charging. The design is used in cup holders in the car and includes a USB cable.

M-Puregadget is a small black device with a blue UVC light in the middle
M-Puregadgets in-vehicle sanitizer.

UV-C Innovation for Large Indoor Spaces

LG Electronics’ Motion Sensored Room Cleaner

LG’s much anticipated device has a built-in motion sensor that shuts off when people are around. The technology was designed for use in restaurants, corporate offices and retail stores and can navigate around furniture to disinfect a room’s touchable surfaces in 30 minutes.

LG’s motion censored room cleaner is white with a UVC light in the middle
LG’s Motion Sensored Room Cleaner is coming to the US in 2021.

Glissner Debuts CleanPhone™ Technology

Glissner is using the platform to debut its CleanPhone™ technology, an advanced touchless smartphone sanitizer. The device uses powerful UV-C light technology to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses living on mobile devices in just 20 seconds.

The solution is already garnering attention from leading luxury travel and hospitality brands looking to elevate their innovative guest experiences such as mobile phone check-ins and payments. CleanPhone™ offers guests a heightened sense of health and safety protocols they seek when making travel plans, important to note as the hospitality industry works to rebuild consumer confidence.  

Mobile phones are known to carry harmful bacteria and viruses. An article published in June 2020 found that mobile phones act as trojan horses for epidemics and pandemics. The article examined 56 studies done on the subject, finding a contamination rate of mobile phones was 68%.