While the top minds of science and industry work hard to formulate strategies for defence against the COVID-19 pandemic, the average person is left wondering: but what can I do?

As it turns out, one of the most efficient ways to live a cleaner life is likely already in the palm of your hand. Our cell phones collect the cumulative germs from every single surface we touch daily, creating a fertile breeding ground for viruses like Covid-19. In fact, our cell phones have been proven to often be ten times dirtier than our toilet seats. If we’re going to overcome this pandemic together, it’s clear that we need new cell phone hygiene solutions.

Enter the Glissner CleanPhone, an unprecedented product for unprecedented times. This compact, easy-to-use, revolutionary phone sanitization system utilizes UV-C tech to disinfect your phone in just 20 seconds. At Glissner, we’re democratizing advanced cleanness and safety for consumers around the world by providing touchless sanitization to countless businesses and homes.

Revolutionizing Clean

The Glissner CleanPhone device is the best UV phone sanitizer on the market. Traditional chemical cleaners can damage phone touchscreens and make it difficult to ensure that all parts of the phone are sanitized. The CleanPhone takes care of this issue with state-of-the-art UV-C tech, harnessing a special wavelength of LED light that is scientifically proven to provide complete sanitization, annihilating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from 360 degrees.

Revolutionizing Speed

If we’re going to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, then we need rapid cleaning solutions. The CleanPhone provides these solutions. Most other phone sanitization systems take 10 minutes or more to clean a phone. For the fast-paced routine of today’s businesses and individuals, this is just not quick enough. In comparison, the CleanPhone takes just 20 seconds, making it easy to incorporate into any individual or team sanitization routine.

Revolutionizing User Experience

Intense sanitization processes were once reserved for hospitals or workers in industries like food-services. These days, however, advanced sanitization has become part of most peoples’ daily routine, both at home and in public. So, the Glissner CleanPhone is doing what good tech always does-  revamping the routine with a fun and simple user interface.

The CleanPhone offers a totally clean and touchless phone sanitization user experience. Customers simply place their phone inside and wait for the system to do its magic. While they wait, they watch the 20 seconds count-down on a screen display, adding engaging interactivity to an everyday routine.

Revolutionizing Habit

The CDC currently recommends that we all sanitize our cell-phones at least once a day, and science has proven that pandemic-defensive strategies like social distancing and good sanitization practices work best when everybody gets on board. That’s why Glissner wants to get the CleanPhone into as many homes and businesses as possible, with an easily mountable and user-friendly design that prioritizes flexible convenience.

Anyone can install and maintain the CleanPhone. Anyone can use it. Anyone can contribute to making the world a little safer.

We at Glissner believe that smarter technology will create smarter habits. And when we have smarter habits, we begin to reimagine a brighter future, together.