In light of COVID-19, we have all become more concerned with sanitization. High traffic areas such as schools, airports, hospitals, and businesses need to increase measures to slow the spread. UV-C light could be the answer to combating the harmful Covid-19 Virus.

What is UV-C?

UV-C is one of the three types of UV radiation that the sun emits. The powerful ultraviolet light is known to kill a multitude of harmful bacteria and viruses. It has been recommended by professionals to help combat the Covid-19 Virus.

It can clean all nonporous surfaces, including counters, floors, mobile devices, and equipment. It can also sterilize water and air. The many disinfecting abilities of UV-C light could potentially help with the lack of personal protective gear. We all remember how hard it was for U.S. hospitals to supply their workers with N-95 masks when COVID first started.

UV-C is also a cost-effective solution for high traffic businesses and locations to the institute. The use of UV-C light as a means of disinfectant is not new and has been used for some time. That means there is a vast array of price options available.

If you would like to know more about the effectiveness and risks of UV-C light radiation, read this article from The Conversation.

Why High Traffic Institutions Should Implement UV-C

One of the concerns high traffics areas and institutions may have when it comes to sanitization products is cost-effectiveness. They have had to up the number of disinfectant products they buy since the start of the pandemic. Places like airports, schools, stores, and offices are scrambling to find the best ways to slow the spread.

One way business owners of these high traffic institutions can help slow the spread is through using UV-C light sanitation. This is a simple and cost-effective way that has been proven to destroy harmful bacteria. Besides Covid-19 Virus, there is also a lot of harmful bacteria that can weaken an individual's immunes system and should be addressed with advanced technologies such as the UV-C light sanitation.

One of the many ways high traffics areas can implement UV-C technology is through cell phone sanitization. Cell phones are a part of our everyday society, but they carry an astronomical number of germs. We share our phones with family, friends and we sit them on publicly available surfaces, further spreading disease and germs.

High traffics areas could remedy this by having a UV-C light cellphone cleaning system.

Try Out CleanPhone™ By Glissner

CleanPhone™ by Glissner is a cell phone cleaner that can be mounted to the wall. It is able to disinfect cell phones in 20 seconds. If we prioritize cell phone hygiene, it could slow the spread of COVID -19. To use CleanPhone™ is easy, quick, and efficient. You simply pop your phone into the opening at the top of the device and wait 20 seconds for it to be cleaned. Most mobile device cleaners are only for personal use and take ten minutes or more to sanitize cell phones.