Glissner™ created CleanPhone™ in response to all of the aforementioned shortcomings, and to present consumers with a reliable, affordable, effective, and trustworthy means to sanitize their phones. According to global tech care company Asurion, people check their phones 96 times per day. We understand that this trend isn’t going anywhere, so proposed sanitation solutions need to work within this reality. [1].

Glissner™, day by day, is correcting the failures of obliviousness to this (invisible) problem. Furthermore, we are engineering something that stands out in the market.

UV light sanitation is an established technology [2]. What we have done is wielded and applied this technology in a more useful and engaging way. This is the Glissner™ difference:


Operated via a series of sensors, Glissner™ devices never require you to touch them in order to work. You place your phone partway into our machines, and they soon returns your phone to you, sanitized and hygienic. In the process, you haven’t created yet another vector for bacterial and viral transfer. This is the only rational way to operate a phone sanitation solution, but touchlessness is a feature that is not commonplace in the market.


In the same amount of time that it is recommended you wash your hands, a mere twenty seconds, Glissner™ devices run through their UV sanitation process, returning your phone to you quickly so that you can get on with your busy schedule. Glissner™ devices are so speedy, in fact, that you can use them to time your hand washing, leading to stronger hygiene practices on both fronts - an ancillary benefit but one worth considering in light of the slow, lagging paces at which other phone sanitation solutions work.


When you use Glissner™devices, you know exactly what you are getting from them. In the same way that people have seen firsthand how alcohol-based sanitizers can keep their hands free of bacteria and viruses, study after study has shown that the UV-C light technology we use as the basis for Glissner™, if harnessed the right way, can keep phones free of bacteria and viruses. Consistently eradicating bacteria and virus particles from the phone surface, Glissner™ devices are dependable instruments that the modern civilian needs to keep themselves healthy.

Tested & Certified

Pushing back against the laboratory opacity that has plagued the phone sanitation solution market, all Sanitation Solutions commercial products will feature the CE/EMC and FCC emblems, signifying the lengths to which we have gone to guarantee the effectiveness of our solutions. In addition, we will provide full lab testing results in accordance with the EPA-recognized ASTM E1153 standard, which is the same standard that disinfectant wipes follow.

Suitable for Consumer Environments

Unlike industrial-size phone sanitation solutions, which look more at home in a science-fiction blockbuster than in a hotel room or a transit center, Sanitation Solution is welcoming and low-key - its purpose clear but its design compact and non-intimidating. This also means that Sanitation Solution devices integrate into new environments smoothly.


We are pricing our initial product, the CleanPhone UV 1, at a mere fraction of the high four-figure and five-figure price points that have become common in the enterprise phone sanitation solution market.

A Simple Path to Better Health

Our phone sanitation solution is a giant step forward for the industry. We are proud to lead the way toward a lineage of devices that will encourage phone sanitation on a large scale. While much of the process of adoption will rely on education, an accessible, trustworthy device like the CleanPhone UV 1 can speed the adoption process up and afford people the surety that they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Although it was decades after Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis suggested hand washing in hospitals that the practice become the norm, we think that the unique global situation, the more universal acceptance of science, and of course, our innovative product could mean a cultural change that is much, much faster.

Addressing the shortcomings of other phone sanitation solutions one by one, we have made strides towards harnessing this powerful technology for the greater good. We remain committed toward this work, as well. We foresee a safer world for ourselves, our children, and their children - one where people think about phone sanitation from the same perspective that they do hand washing. In a decade, people may wonder how there was ever a bathroom, a hallway, a conference room, a train station, or a lobby without one.

Our mission is to change the phone sanitation solution market permanently. Affordability, efficacy, transparency, speed, reliability, all hands-free – these are the foundations for our innovative product.

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