As businesses continue to re-open, one of the big questions becomes how to differentiate yourself in a new world of safety and health protocols.

Your customers, patrons and guests will be looking for the signals that you are making their safety your top priority.

I personally made my first visit back to a sit-down restaurant (outdoor patio), and was comforted by the way the servers approached the cleanliness of our table, ensuring that our cutlery was clean (it was presented to us in a paper sleeve so they weren’t handling it directly), and made sure there was follow-up with us should contact tracing be required.

While these protocols absolutely help to develop a sense of trust and confidence with guests, most restaurants will be doing the same things to adhere to government and public health mandated guidelines.

How do you stand out as a business?

Having a signal to your guests can help.

In recent weeks, we have seen hotels start to partner with recognized partners in the cleanliness space. Hilton’s CleanStay program partners with RB (the makers of Lysol and Dettol) to bring over 200 years of experience in human health products to their guests. The CleanStay seal on a Hilton hotel room’s door has become the signal that Hilton is going above and beyond for their guests.

Air Canada has established the CleanCare+ program looks at every air travellers’ touchpoint in their journey to ensure health and safety. They have also produced a CleanCare kit which every traveller receives, and has become, for them, the signal as to how they are going above and beyond.

Pre-pandemic, restaurants in Toronto have been identified as being safe to eat at thanks to the DineSafe initiative. Passes displayed in the windows of restaurants have become the signal that it is safe to eat at that restaurant.

As Glissner rolls out its innovative CleanPhone™ device, the goal is to make phone hygiene as ubiquitous as hand hygiene and become the signal to patrons and guests that a location (hotel, restaurant, venue) is going above and beyond in their safety measures.

When you are looking at your business’ initiatives, Glissner can help you integrate the CleanPhone™ into your existing health and safety protocols.

Make sure you stand out.

Send a signal to your guests.

Reach out to us to learn more.