Throughout the day, you touch an incredible amount of objects, and perhaps no object more often than your cell phone. In fact, a recent study found that the average person touches his or her cell phone an astounding 2617 times a day. This makes our phones a breeding ground for pathogens- in fact, the surface of the average cell phone is home to ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Even for the maximally germophobic among us, washing your hands every time you touch your phone is just not feasible. On average, a given person will touch his or her face over 23 times every hour, transferring viruses and bacteria from the phone’s surface directly to the body’s most vulnerable points.

The science is clear: phone hygiene is an absolute necessity for both personal and public health. With a UV-C phone sanitizer, you can stay on the cutting edge of phone hygiene to protect yourself and your community.

UV Light Phone Sanitizers

Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, phone hygiene is more important than ever. And yet, many people never take the time to stop and properly disinfect their cell phones, allowing for the accumulation and spread of viruses and bacteria. If we’re going to create a healthier world, we need to get serious about phone hygiene. That’s where UV-C phone sanitizers can help.

A UV light phone sanitizer works through the use of ultraviolet-c light, a form of rapidly moving radiation with germicidal and sanitizing properties. Moving at speeds ranging from 180nm to 280nm, UV-C light neutralizes hazardous pathogens, ensuring your phone is safe to touch.

CleanPhone’s revolutionary sanitizing bulb uses a UV-C wavelength of 275, a powerful frequency which can disturb protein bonds within viruses, rendering them unable to reproduce and infect other hosts. This virus-deactivating power makes this wavelength ideal for killing superbugs and sanitizing the surfaces we touch daily.  

What They Do

UV-C light phone sanitizers serve one important purpose: to sanitize the surface of your handheld devices. UV-C phone sanitizers essential deactivate potential infections by halting bacterial reproduction, rendering these germs incapable of damaging your health. At the right wavelength, UV-C light has been proven to neutralize a vast array of illnesses, from the common cold and influenza to more serious superbugs like SARS. Furthermore, scientists are hopeful that UV-C light will prove to have the same efficacy against COVID-19.

This disease-fighting power is why hospitals and care facilities around the world rely on UV-C light to sanitize vital surfaces. With a UV-C phone sanitizer, you can bring this leading disinfectant technology into your own home.

What You Need to Know

UV-C radiation, like all forms of radiation, poses a potential health-risk. Luckily, today’s UV-C phone sanitization technology innovators have found a way to use this powerful technology with total safety. The Cleanphone UV-C phone sanitizer comes equipped with an industry-leading safety feature, an automatic lid which seals the phone in the chamber while protecting users from radiation.

As you shop for a UVC phone sanitization device, be careful. Most options on the market do not offer this same protection against radiation and have been proven to be unsafe. With the CleanPhone, however, you can guarantee that you are sanitizing your phone safely.

It is vital that we all work together to defend public health, so do your part to slow the spread of disease. Investing in a UV-C phone sanitizer will not just protect you, but those around you, from hazardous illnesses.