Mobile Phone Sanitization; A Shift in ConsciousnessDo you think your phone is dangerous?

Many people would likely answer "no" to that question, or if they answer "yes," then they would say it is because of the addictive potential of apps or issues with data security. Some would even say that the mild radiation that cell phones emit are potentially dangerous in the long, long term.

Far fewer people would say that their phone could cause them to fall ill from being infected with the microbes it hosts.

This has however become the unfortunate case.. As phones have become more integrated in our lives so too have they become the perfect home for bacteria and viruses. More than any other household object, and even more than toilets, our phones contain an incredible number of potentially dangerous pathogens.

Sanitation Station has custom-crafted a solution to assist humanity in overcoming this challenge. In the following series of articles we explore non-sanitary phone use, how it is a problem that is only growing, what is currently being done about it.

1. Mobile Phones; The Bacteria and Virus Carrying Vectors that Live in Our Pockets

2. Mobile Phone Sanitization; A Shift in Consciousness

3. Understanding Mobile Phone Sanitation

4. Glissner CleanPhone is The Most Effective Way to Clean And Sanitize Your Mobile Phone

5. The Team Building The World's Most Effective Mobile Phone Sanitation Device