As businesses reopen across the country, there is an increased scrutiny being placed on sanitization and safety. The past 3 months have seen businesses and organizations develop safety protocols, as they continue to respond to government and public health directions.

One of the vectors for disease, as was the case even before the current pandemic, is the mobile phone. Yes, that most personal of devices we touch literally hundreds of times a day, and rely on for so many aspects of our lives.

As business owners, we are tasked with ensuring the confidence of our guests, patrons and employees. With safety protocols in place, there is also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others in signalling the level of importance being placed on safety and hygiene.

Cell Phone Sanitization

Enter phone sanitization. And I’m not talking about using hand wipes or hand sanitizer to wipe down your phone. Prolonged use of the same solutions that help with hand sanitization actually damage our (expensive!) mobile devices over time.

There is an effective, and contactless, solution. UV-C light has been proven to deactivate viruses and bacteria by breaking down their DNA, and thereby preventing them from being able to reproduce, rendering them harmless. With the correct dose of UV-C light, 99.9% of viruses and bacteria are broken down, leaving untraceable amounts on a surface.

The speed at which sanitization can take place has a number of factors, including the intensity of the UV-C light, combined with the amount of time required to ensure that all parts of a surface are bathed in the light.

An innovative solution like CleanPhone by Glissner combines industrial-grade (think hospitals and manufacturing facilities) UV-C light sanitization, with a fast, user-friendly, and importantly, contactless experience.

Hotels bringing back guests can look to install a phone sanitization solution in their lobby, and in other areas such as their restaurants and spa facilities.

Restaurants looking to attract diners could offer phone sanitizers to their patrons as they are waiting in line, at their tables on the patio, or, when bars re-open, at the bar

The hospitality industry has perhaps the most to gain by investing in solutions that will bring back their guests. A return to staying & eating will be driven by consumer confidence. That confidence will be driven in large part by trust.

If you are a business that is looking for a differentiator in the pandemic age, you need to think about how you are standing out. Consider phone sanitization that works at the speed of (UV-C) light as a signal to your guests and patrons that you have their safety in mind.