Your mobile phone is a Trojan Horse for microbes

Unlike the wooden horse of Greek mythology, there is nothing mythical about the staggering number of living microbial organisms that are hiding in plain sight on the devices we carry around with us every day.

Phone sanitization at the speed of (UV-C) light

There is an effective, and contactless, solution. UV-C light has been proven to deactivate viruses and bacteria by breaking down their DNA, and thereby preventing them from being able to reproduce, rendering them harmless. With the correct dose of UV-C light, 99.9% of viruses and bacteria are broken down, leaving untraceable amounts on a surface.

CleanPhone™; A Better Way To Clean Your Mobile Phone

Glissner™ created CleanPhone™ in response to all of the aforementioned shortcomings, and to present consumers with a reliable, affordable, effective, and trustworthy means to sanitize their phones. According to global tech care company Asurion, people check their phones 96 times per day. We understand that this trend isn’t going anywhere, so proposed sanitation solutions need to work within this reality.

Understanding Effective Mobile Phone Sanitation

People want to know that they can trust products into which they are investing their money. They want evidence that when they are using a phone sanitation solution, it is actually sanitizing their phones. Without laboratory testing and certification, this is impossible.

Is Your Mobile Phone Dangerous?

In this five part series we break apart the growing danger that mobile phones pose to the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Then we explore what options exist to combat this challenge and finally we introduce Sanitation Station, the most effect way to clean and sanitize your mobile device.

Mobile Phones; The Bacteria and Virus Carrying Vectors that Live in Our Pockets

The truth is that you may not have noticed the most bacteria-covered and virus-covered surface in your house – because it was nowhere for you to see it. Instead, it was tucked into your pocket, bag or purse. More than any other room, more than any other object, more than your toilet seat or your kitchen sink, your phone is playing a welcoming host for bacteria and viruses.

Designing the Future of Cell-Phone Hygiene

In the wake of a world-changing pandemic, many aspects of our society are due for a redesign. However, redesigning our lives doesn’t have to be scary or frustrating. We at Glissner believe that this is our opportunity to create a cleaner, greener, and safer world.

The dirt on phone hygiene

If we think about cleanliness of all surfaces these days, including our phones, it is important to keep them clean of these more ‘run of the mill’ bacteria as well. In all likelihood, until we have a viable vaccine or effective widely available treatments for COVID-19, there will be more waves of the virus. How big those waves are and how long those waves last remain to be seen.

UV Light Phone Sanitizers: Do They Really Work?

Throughout the day, you touch an incredible amount of objects, and perhaps no object more often than your cell phone. In fact, a recent study found that the average person touches his or her cell phone an astounding 2617 times a day.

Cleaning Your Phone Safely and Avoiding Mercury Contamination

Our cell phones are the homes of silent invaders- tiny, microscopic pathogens that can spread illness with the swipe of a finger.